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Kitchen Design Ideas for Small Kitchens Island

Bigger was better? Think that term back again, because we’re going to give you another fresh vision about how to make a small kitchen island look more attractive. Since there’s many house with small kitchen, so there’s many will to make it looks more attractive. And when there is a will, there is a way. So here are some kitchen design ideas for small kitchens island.

small modular kitchen

1. Mobile Island

Forget that ordinary placed island on caster, you can make this creative yet genius mobile island. First, you can make some empty countertops then put some roller above the island. Remember to match the size, so you can “park” that island above those empty countertops.

2. Take Some Spacy Colors

Yes, color can camouflage. And some colors can make the little space looks more spacious then the reality. This color scheme usually the bright color scheme like light blue, peach, fresh white, or tosca. So, be wise with the color set because it really boost your spacious feeling for your small kitchen.

3. Take the Advantage from the Space of The Island

You can make your small kitchen more spacious with maximizing the space of the island. The all cabinet island without empty space is one of the best for maximizing the space. And take the advantage from the space, for example you can place some useful drawers, baskets and shelves house sundries at those space.

4. Opt Some Creative Reuse

If you have some used table or even used sewing table, it could be great to transform it to be one of the creative yet distinctive island. With this way, you can make your own character for the kitchen. And it also going to attract your guest with its distinct.

dining room

That was some tips you can opt to your kitchen design ideas for small kitchens island. We hope you can make your small kitchen to be more sttractive with creative way.

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